About Us

The ClubRunner Story

ClubRunner Management Software was created in 1985 for the flagship location of one of the largest chains in club history located in New York, New York. Since that time, ClubRunner has served the software management needs of thousands of organizations around the globe. Those businesses include the largest household names as well as those legendary in their own communities. No matter how new or established your company is, ClubRunner can help.

ClubRunner gives you all the power and tools you need in order to maximize your profitability. Powerful features offer both flexibility and room to upgrade. Over the years ClubRunner has seamlessly incorporated technical innovations as they have become available, keeping your club on the leading edge of technology. From the moment you first work with ClubRunner, it is very obvious that the designers of this system have firsthand experience managing health club facilities. The system is intuitive and addresses the needs of your club. Many of the reports are built in and others can quickly be designed by you to meet your clubs needs.

ClubRunner installs quickly. System commands are learned in minutes after installation. In addition, ClubRunner offers users the widest variety of training and support in the industry to help you get the most out of your system. From our understanding of how a health club facility needs to run, we have developed a stress free system that really works for you.